Returns & Refund Policy

As Krishicoopbazaar promise our customers to have the best shopping experience, we are always at your service to deliver your choice of agro-products. In case any of your purchase fails to satisfy you, you can follow our returns & refund policy to claim as mentioned below.

Return Policy

Within 24 hours from the time of delivery you can contact us for returning the goods. However, returning is not applicable in every case. To return the purchased goods, the product should be the same as we have delivered and change of mind is not acceptable after crossing 24 hours past the delivery time. At the time of returning, one must present the receipt received from krishicoopbazaar as a proof of purchasing. Krishicoopbazaar will be accountable for any delivery of the damaged goods or if the products do not meet the quality as assured in the online shopping portal.

Likewise, in case of perishable items, crushed or wrinkled product should be returned on the same day of delivery. It will be replaced with the same product on the next day of return with the same quantity. For example, crushed tomatoes will be replaced with fresh ones. At the time of returning, one must present the receipt received from krishicoopbazaar as a proof of purchase.

To inform about unsatisfied products, please contact us at 985-1146878 or email and provide information of unsatisfied products including condition and purchasing source that you selected among options while placing your order.

Refund Policy

As you return the product, our team at krishicoopbazaar will responsibly check if the product returned is the same as it was delivered. Return policy only exists in case the products are damaged, or we have committed any mistake while delivering. In that case, you will be allowed to shop for any other product of the same price or additional charge will be applied if you select any product with higher price.


It will be the sole responsibility of the customers who intend to return the purchased goods to pay for the shipping charge during the return period. If in case you do not want to exchange the items, your shipping cost will not be refundable.

If you have any queries or confusions regarding the return & refund policy, you can always contact us at 985-1146878 or